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OSM specializes in manufacturing pneumatic drills and their components, as well as equipment for the mining industry of ornamental rocks. OSM has clients from all over the world, such as Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, South Africa and China.

Metalworking Industry

Company Size
Medium Size Manufacturer

Cloud Application; Mobile App


Remote Control & Safety

The wireless solution enabled remote control and monitoring of OSM’S industrial devices. The technician can now easily access, run and update them, making sure everything runs smoothly. The distance required to operate and set commands is now greater, allowing for an increase in safety.

Simplicity & Efficiency

The customer can now check their industrial devices’ main information on a tablet. The mobile application developed has a beautiful and intuitive user interface and user experience. Consequently, maximum uptime can be ensured and support can be provided just by holding the device.

Preventive Maintenance

Remote access allows the technician to monitor devices status, checking information logs and setting alarms. Errors can be easily found and repaired, before reaching critical levels. This early diagnosis and troubleshooting minimizes downtime and reduces associated costs.

Operational Dashboards

The solution collects and delivers key data, translating it into valuable performance insights and analytics. This real time data is shown in beautiful and intuitive operational dashboards, supporting decision-making and operations.

Multi-country deployment of a single solution

Now it’s possible to know, in real time, the state of all the devices across the globe. This shows how technology can enhance efficiency and generate value on industrial settings. The company is already showcasing its machines on tradeshows and events, promoting their work and innovative mindset.


Focused on creating high-quality and differentiating products, OSM turned to technology to make their devices even smarter.

OSM’s industrial devices were equipped with traditional HMI dashboards, limiting operational flexibility and requiring time for a proper setup. The employee had to operate the industrial device in close proximity, increasing the odds of an accident. In-field presence of a technician was required when performing maintenance.


We made it easier to remotely control the device by creating a bridge between the industrial devices and the Cloud. We built an IoT controller and connected it to the automaton, allowing it to be controlled through the Cloud or through a custom Android mobile app that we developed especially for this customer.

The Industrial IoT solution opened the doors for:

1. Remote control and monitoring

2. More safety and mobility 

3. Real time data, analytics and insights

See the main features below!

     Main features: know more!

check our industrial iot case study!

Do you want to know more about the solution we developed? We’ve carefully prepared a case study to explain the why and how of this solution, built for Industry 4.0!

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