What are whiteboard sessions?

Our whiteboard sessions are informal and exploratory sessions, inspired by the design thinking principles (and not a complete design thinking session with all the steps). Our sessions are based on Q&A interaction, creating a collaborative workspace and including you in the process.

90 minutes

Main goals
To define what is a functional and valuable tool based on your real needs, and create the first draft of an amazing solution initiating a successful digital transformation process.

what do we need?




What is the process?

Our whiteboard sessions are inspired by the 3 initial steps of the design thinking process.


Understand the context you are in and how it is affecting you and your company. A digital solution should always be created with a human-centric approach.


Find the answers that will help you to better find and define the problem. In other words, asking you the right questions that will lead you to the right path.


Good ideas require inspiration, motivation and maybe some eureka moments. They also require for you to have some previous knowledge of possible solutions: we’ll help you with that!

why should i schedule one?

In our sessions, we try to maximize the outcomes in order to be as advantageous as possible for you:

  1. They are focused and end up being really productive;
  2. We aim at identifying the real digital challenge you are facing;
  3. We help you solve complex problems with modern technologies;
  4. Together, we’ll draft a possible solution.


Our whiteboard sessions are already happening! 

Pedro Cruz – OLI

“The whiteboard session between OLI and Rocketleaf was very interesting. The use of Design Thinking and other problem-solving methodologies allowed us to analyse our work and our problems in a fresh and refreshing way. We are always ready to start partnerships and we hope to repeat this experience in the future.”

Luís Costa – InnovTourism

“I believe the whiteboard sessions are a great way to quickly reach a draft of a functional solution that fits the client, his reality and resources. It’s a client-oriented approach that sets the tone to a very successful collaboration”

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